Position Budgeting & Planning System (PBPS)

Implement an integrated budgeting and planning solution that enables the users to manage existing and projected budgets using current and previous General Ledger and Human Resource Management data.

About Position Budgeting & Planning System

Key Objectives

  • Build staffing budgets by position and employee
  • Manage positions, and position data, and position-related compensation details using analytics and reporting
  • Identify impact of salary changes on compensation budget
  • Develop an interface with HR system to load employee job data such as employee status, salary rate, bargaining unit & job classification data
  • Forecast the impact of new positions, new hires, workforce reductions, bargaining unit proposals, and compensation and benefit changes as they occur throughout the year
  • Proactive identification of budget problems and issue notifications
  • Budget transfers – process transfer between budget line items to align budget

Training Resources


Training is scheduled online in coordination with division finance officers.

For more information on training materials, contact: ittraining@fullerton.edu