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Budget 101

The Budget 101 training program provides a high level overview of allocation of funds from State to CSU, allocation of funds from CSU to campuses, campus budget (operating budget, capital budget, and auxiliary organizations).

Open to all, especially new employees and staff involved in planning/coordinating financial resources.


Principles of Budgeting

The role of budgeting in planning, budget development, budget terminology, CSUF budgeting expenses for revenues, examples of a department budget plan.

Open to all, especially new Division Budget & Resource Officers, Directors, and Budget Managers or Staff.


college & university budgeting:

an introduction for Academic and business administrators

This training provides an introduction to budgeting, revenues and resources, expenses and costs, fiscal side of enrollment management, and budget models. The importance of enrollments in determining resources, expenses, and investments; how institutional resources are expended.

Open to all, especially Business Administrators, Academic Administrators and Faculty.

Textbook: College & University Budgeting: A Guide for Academics & Other Stakeholders.


Direct and Indirect Cost Allocation Principles

Understanding direct and indirect cost allocation methods and principles, CSU Executive Order 1000 requirements and the methodology, timelines and process for the annual campus cost allocation plan.

Open to all, especially Auxiliary Organizations, Self-Support Organizations, Division Budget & Resource Officers.


Budget Administration: how to manage departmental budget

This 4-part series covers a variety of topics including: Delegation of Budget/Fiscal Authority, Chart of Accounts, Understanding Position Budgeting, and Forecasting Techniques (Cash Flow Management, Projections of Revenues and Expenses).

Open to all, especially Division Budget & Resource Officers, Directors, Managers, Budget Analysts & Coordinators.


Space and Facilities Database (SFDB)

This training will orient participants about Space Management Resources and Capital Planning Tools such as SFDB Database and integration/coordination with Academic Planning Database (APDB) in determining capacity, and funding needs.

Open to all, especially Executive Management and Managers.