Chartfield Request Form (Account) using Adobe Sign (Live)

Production link to ALL AdobeSign Forms for Administration and Finance:

Production link for Chartfields specifically:

We are in the process of automating our existing Chartfield Request Form using Adobe Sign. Instead of one form, we will be launching six new forms for each of the chartfields. Account form will be the pilot, and the remaining forms will be deployed in the coming months.


Managed by Accounting Services & Financial Reporting:

·       Account
·       Fund
·       Program
·       Project

Managed by Resource Planning and Budget:

·       Department
·       Class

Advantages of using Adobe Sign:

-        approval workflow
-        ability to sign documents from any location and on any device
-        ability to track e-signature process 

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ETR WeB application (LIVE)

The Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR) web application is now live on the ETR website. The ETR web application replaces the process of using Excel with macros. 

When? The ETR web application is available for all users starting today, December 15, 2021.

What is required of me? Please process your ETR requests using the live link. You may access the instructional materials on the ETR website for reference. 

Note: All ETR requests using the Excel file with macros will not be accepted after December 31st, 2021. 

If you have any questions, please email 



     We are pleased to announce that Jenny has been promoted to Accountant I effective today, September 1st. When Jenny started her CSUF career in August 2018, she had been highly recommended by a former colleague, Michael Au-Yeung, with whom she worked with at the Superior Court of Orange County. Since 2018, she has attended school full-time to complete her 2nd bachelor’s degree while working part-time as a student assistant in AP/Travel and eventually full-time as ASFR staff. Currently, Jenny is working on her Masters in Accountancy.  
      Jenny will continue to process chargebacks, Request for Invoice (RFI) forms and monthly invoicing but will have an increase participation in legal and GAAP close.



2023 Teamwork and Collaboration Award
Team members include  Alyssa Adamson,  John Beisner,  Monica Coloso,  Lynn Ganac,  Dawit Haile, Janet Le,  Nelson Nagai,  Melda Navarro,  Christine Quach,  Oliver Ravela, and Laleh Graylee.


The Higher Education Emergency Fund Collaboration Team
In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Congress authorized the creation of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) to provide support to institutions of higher education. Out of that fund, the Department of Education awarded CSUF $242M. $100M was designated to provide emergency grants directly to students, and the remaining $142M was given to CSUF to mitigate the pandemic's impact. 

Working across the university, the team met the challenges presented by the pandemic and served our students, faculty and staff. CSUF successfully expended the total awarded amount, ensured compliance with grant requirements, and demonstrated the amazing outcomes that result from teamwork and a collaborative mindset.

University Awards 2023 University Awards 2023


15 Years:
     Dawit Haile (2022)
     Lynn Gañac (2022)

10 Years:
     Betty Neri (2023)
     Tony Lee (2021)

5 years:
     Winnie Lin (2021)
     Evajoy Tito (2022)
CSUF Service Awards
Tony Lee - 10 Years of Service Jenny Huynh - BA in Business Administration, CSUF

Congratulations to Jenny Huynh for completing her 2nd bachelor’s degree!

Jenny Huynh graduation picture collage


     ASFR received the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2021 (9th overall).  This is the 4th consecutive year that CSU has received the award from the Chancellor's Office.

CSU Financial Statements 2020-2021