List of Forms
Name Description
Chartfield Request FormOpens in new window
Revised 07/2023

Request a new chartfield (i.e., account, fund, department, program, class, project) or modify, reactivate, or inactivate an existing chartfield using AdobeSign. For more information: About Chartfield Request FormsOpens in new window .

CSU Chargebacks Template Opens in new window
Revised 09/2019
Upload chargeback transactions into the PeopleSoft Financial system (CFS); for Service Provider use only. For more information: About Chargebacks.
Expenditure Transfer Request (ETR) AppOpens in new window
(New - launched 12/15/2021)
Revised 12/2021
Process expenditure corrections (ACTUALS transactions only). For more information: About ETRs and ETR examplesPDF File .

Reminder: The ETR web application replaces the process of using Excel with macros. All ETR requests using the Excel file with macros are NO LONGER ACCEPTED after December 31st, 2021. 
Deposit or Reimbursement to University AccountOpens in new window
Revised 11/2022
Deposit funds at the Cashier's Office. 
Deposit or Reimbursement to University Account (PCD)Opens in new window
Revised 02/2022
Reimburse the University for disallowed purchases (PCD transaction must be posted to account 660898 in Concur or US Bank Access Online).
New Trust Account AgreementPDF File
Revised 01/2020
Establish new trust fund. For more information: About New Trust Accounts.
Petty Cash / Change Funds Custodian Transfer Receipt PDF File Opens in new window
Revised 08/2012
Transfer custodian of petty cash or change fund. For more information: About Petty Cash.
Request for InvoiceOpens in new window
Revised 03/2019
On-demand request to record (1) expense reimbursement that’s already been made (abatement) or (2) accounts receivable (revenue). For more information: About Request for  Invoice.
When submitting form, please provide customer's email address; we will only be emailing PDF invoices during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Service Provider AgreementPDF File Opens in new window
Revised 03/2013
Request to be a new Service Provider. For more information: About Chargebacks.