Updates: How to Obtain a P-Card in 2 Easy Steps

1. Complete Purchasing Card Cardholder AgreementPDF File Opens in new window & Purchasing Credit Card Request FormPDF File Opens in new window and email these two completed documents to ebusiness@fullerton.edu

2. Complete the P-Card Training assigned to you on the Employee Training Center in your CSUF Portal. Training must be completed within 2 weeks of being assigned.

Credit Card Types

P-Card Declining Balance Card Instant Card
One Card (P-Card) may be used to make purchases of goods, supplies, and/or allowed services, per the Procurement Card Policy. Short-Term card is issued with a credit limit set as the maximum amount for a specific event or timeframe. Limit is reduced by each transaction and does not reset at the end of the billing cycle. Virtual card, similar to One Card (P-Card), used to purchase food and unplanned small incidentals needed by individuals that are traveling.

P-Card Policy

P-Card Policy ManualPDF File Opens in new window

P-Card Billing Cycle Dates

  • July 6/27/2023 - 7/25/2023
  • August 7/26/2023 - 8/25/2023
  • September 8/28/2023 - 9/25/2023
  • October 9/26/2023 - 10/25/2023
  • November 10/26/2023 - 11/27/2023
  • December 11/28/2023 - 12/26/2023
  • January 12/27/2023 - 1/25/2024
  • February 1/26/2024 - 2/26/2024
  • March 2/27/2024 - 3/25/2024
  • April 3/26/2024 - 4/25/2024
  • May 4/26/2024 - 5/28/2024
  • June 5/29/2024 - 6/25/2024

Any questions about the billing cycle dates can be emailed to ebusiness@fullerton.edu

P-Card Declines

If your card is declined, check the following information:

  •  Has the vendor entered the card number correctly?
  • Has the vendor entered the correct expiration date?
  • Has the billing address been entered correctly?
  • Does the transaction exceed your daily or monthly dollar spending limit?

If the card is still declined, contact the Procurement Card Program at ebusiness@fullerton.edu for information on why the transaction was declined.

P-Card Lost/Fraud

If fraudulent activity is suspected, notify the bank immediately by calling; 800-344-5696 and send an email to ebusiness@fullerton.edu informing us that fraudulent activity has been reported.

Authorized Service Providers

Any purchase/transaction for services is prohibited unless they are listed as an Authorized Service ProvidersPDF File Opens in new window , or a specific transaction/purchase is authorized in advance by Contracts and Procurement through the issuance of a Q#. Please note some services may require additional authorizations (Directive 11, Travel Authorization, etc.).

To request a Q#, please contact ebusiness@fullerton.edu. Submittal of documents does not grant authorization to begin work on the service being provided. Work can only begin when a Q# is issued by Contracts and Procurement.

Due to liability and performance issues, all contracts for services are required to be reviewed and signed by Contracts and Procurement. Only Contracts and Procurement is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the University. Master Agreements fulfill this requirement and those services are allowed on the Procurement Card.

Catering Program

Q numbers are no longer required for the on-site approved caterers.  The caterers on the On-Site Approved Caterers ListPDF File Opens in new window   have submitted all CSU required documents including insurance and health permits.

It is your responsibility to review all quotes/proposals that are provided by the caterers.

Upon reconciliation of your p-card, please submit an approved D-11 with a detailed description of the event and a list of attendees.  All catering orders are to be charged on individual/department p-cards only.  New caterers will not be accepted at this time.

Hospitality Policy (D11)

Administrative Guidelines for Implementing President's Directive Number 11PDF File Opens in new window

The guidelines above implement ICSUAM policy number 1301.00 - Hospitality, which addresses hospitality expenditures, regardless of amount, related to food and beverage; event attendance; get-well gestures; gifts, awards and promotional items; entertainment services; memberships in social organizations; and memorial donations.

Office Supply Ordering System (Staples Advantage)

The CSU has contracted with Staples to provide campuses a convenient method of purchasing office supplies and other items to support department operations.

Existing users and approvers may place orders by going to Staples AdvantageOpens in new window .

New users a must complete the Office Supply Program ApplicationPDF File Opens in new window  and submit to Contracts and Procurement, CP-300. 

Staples Advantage User Guides

Office Supply Program Ordering User GuidePDF File Opens in new window

Office Supply Program Approver User GuidePDF File Opens in new window

Employee Discount Program (Staples)

Enjoy the same CSU discounts on the things you buy for you and your family using your personal credit card.  There are two options to choose from for the CSU/Staples employee discount program. CSU Employee Discount Program registration page.

Personal participation in either CSU Employee Discount program is purely voluntary.  Employees are under no obligation to do so and provide their personal information during the registration process at their sole discretion.  CSU, Fullerton is not responsible for any issues, which may arise from an employee's voluntary personal participation in the CSU Employee Discount programs.

Amazon Business Prime

Anyone purchasing from Amazon on behalf of CSUF must do so via an Amazon Business Prime account. Personal Amazon accounts may not be used for business purchases.  All purchases on Amazon Business Prime must follow the procurement card guidelines and Amazon Business Prime should be your destination for non-contracted purchases. Items with additional requirements or prohibited items will have a “Company Restricted” Message. Please note that Staples should always be your first option to buy office supplies. All shipments must be sent to a CSUF address. Shipments sent to a personal address will result in the suspension of your P-Card.

Shopping on Amazon Business Prime is as simple and user-friendly as Amazon.com. As an added benefit, you will have immediate access to:

  • Unlimted Free 2-Day Shipping on ALL qualified orders (learn more)Opens in new window
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts on millions of items
  • Access to a specialized business only Customer Service team

When you sign up for a Purchasing Card, you will automatically receive a registration email for the CSUF Amazon Business Prime account. This email will come directly from no-reply@Amazon.com. The registration period is time-sensitive. Please activate your Amazon Business Prime account within 5 business days.

If you have an existing Purchasing Card and have not yet signed up for Amazon Business Prime, please contact ebusiness@fullerton.edu. 

Division Point of Contact

  • Academic Affairs: Alyssa Adamson
  • Administration & Finance: Christine Muriel
  • Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion: Tara Garcia and Melissa Pacheco
  • Information Technology: Robin Crew and Rommel Hidalgo
  • President's Office: Danielle Garcia and Linh Tran
  • Student Affairs: Chalea Forgues and Rob Scialdone
  • University Advancement: Stefanie Light and Donald McDougall


What is CSUBUY?

CSUBUY is the first step in transforming the way the CSU manages the Source-to-Pay process. ​This change creates a foundation for future implementation of automated workflow, requisitioning, purchase orders, and AP functionality through integration into CFS and Oracle.

Over the next few years CSUBUY (Jaggaer) integration into CFS will provide additional functionality to streamline Procurement, Accounts Payable, and Vendor Management. Other ​stakeholders, including faculty and staff will also see future benefits including workflow for requisitioning and purchase orders to improve both catalog and non-catalog purchases, receipt of goods/services, and approvals for payment.​

CSUBUY Resources:

CSUBUY Modules: