Guidelines Listed Below

How To Do Business with CSUF 

1.     Campus departments will seek out vendors for goods and services.

2.     Requesting department will create and approve a requisition.

3.     Requisition will be sent to Contracts and Procurement (C&P) for review and processing.

4.     C&P will request vendor's insurance documentsPDF File Opens in new window  and Vendor Data Record form (204 form)Opens in new window .

         NOTE: All vendors doing business with the State of California are required to complete a Vendor Data Record,                 Form 204, prior to payment. This information is utilized for 1099 reporting and for withholding on payments to             nonresident vendors. Timely completion of this form will ensure payments will be processed without delay.

5.      A purchase order will be issued for the acquisition of goods and services and sent to the vendor electronically.

NOTE: Purchases made in the name of the university without an authorized purchase order is considered a personal obligation of the individual making the purchase and not a binding obligation of the university.

Vendor Insurance Requirements

All contractors, vendors and suppliers providing services to the University must provide documentation of insurance with additional insured endorsements naming California State University, Fullerton as additionally insured on the commercial general liability and auto liability policies. Additionally on the Certificate of Insurance (COI) each insurer listed must have an NAIC code and have an A.M. Best rating of A:VII or better, prior to commencement of any service. Please see the Insurance Requirements PDF's below for further details:

1.       CSUF Insurance Requirements for General ServicesPDF File Opens in new window

2.       CSUF Insurance Requirements for Consulting ServicesPDF File Opens in new window

All insurance documentation must be submitted to the office of Contracts and Procurement.

Small Business and DVBE Vendors

Cal State Fullerton makes a diligent effort to meet the goals established by the Office of Small Business and DVBE Services for small business vendors, including micro businesses, in the acquisition of goods, services, information technology and construction projects.

For additional information, visit the Office of Small Business and DVBE ServicesOpens in new window .